Welcome to Coffman Chiropractic

Coffman Chiropractic has been serving the Ventura County and Camarillo communities by offering treatment to those looking to manage their health more effectively. We seek to not only help our patients with their daily pain, but also educate them so they may better understand their ailments and practice healthier habits. Chiropractic is not exclusive to ailments however, it is also used to increase mobility or flexibility and reduce swelling or alleviate discomfort. Anyone suffering from an injury, condition or chronic pain should consider our services before relying on prescription drugs and surgery for their treatment.

Recently, our practice moved locations and we thought it would be a great idea to refresh our branding which included a new website. In addition to trying to make everything easier for our patients online, we will also be using our website as a place to relay news and events to those following us. This includes educational articles catering to those looking to learn more about chiropractic care, nutrition and alternative treatments. We hope this website services as a resource for our patients to find important information and guide them to lead healthier lifestyles.